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On-Line via Zoom meeting with panelists in the four different spheres of ministry doing mission during COVID19 Pandemic. 


First Session:

I. Professional, Philip & Michelle Chang: Founder of Yogurtland (pre-recorded)

II. Pastor, Shine Kim: Lead Pastor of GMI English Ministry, Fullerton CA

III. Professor, Eddie Byun: Biola University & Film producer of Save My Seoul

IV. Missionary, Llyod Kim: Coordinator of Mission to the World, PCA


Four panelists are answering, "How they have and are using pandemic as an opportunity for mission?"


Second Session: Break out to 4 spheres group (not in the video)


Seeking God’s wisdom to move forward together in carrying out His great commission and His great commandment.


Third Session:

I. Professional Report (Jeffrey Lee)

II. Professor Report (Eddie Byun)

III. Pastor Report (Mike Lee)

IV. Missionary Report (Gil Suh)

V. Prayer (Ronald Chu)

VI. Final Comment  

Up Ⓒ2019 KAGMA PROJECT -- "Assisting 3PM's Network for Global Mission!"